Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watch online: Barcelona wins over Manchester United

Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona in Rome, in his capacity as President of the English Football Association.
Barcelona wins over Manchester United at the score of 2-0.
Barcelona have become the first club to win the Spanish treble.

It seemed the world had stopped turning, that everyone had either flocked to Italy’s congested capital or were tuning in. The traffic was chaos, the mood good-humoured, the sun losing its venom. Royalty, blue-blooded and footballing, filled the smart seats from Prince William to Michel Platini, their gaze soon mesmerised by the action flowing from the top two teams from the top two leagues.

Deceptively, United had been the first to show, flying from the traps, eager to impose their game. Ronaldo adopted a shoot-on-sight policy, threatening a hat-trick in the first 10 minutes yet, like an experienced heavyweight, Barcelona absorbed the blows and struck back with their first attack.