Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FIFA Confederation Cup Finals Game Replay: Brazil won over USA

Brazil won the game against USA with 3-2 goals in the FIFA Confederation Cup Finals last Sunday June 28, 2009.

Brazil deserves its place around the top of the world soccer table. Luis Fabiano was prolific with his shots on goal (and goals, collecting the Golden Boot) and Kaka, Robinho and Maicon slowly took over the midfield, building a rising tide of attacks. This win reaffirms Brazil’s timeless dominance of international soccer, but also announces the U.S.’s potential, playing well in their first major tournament final. We’ll see if that potential can be transferred to wins by the time the team likely makes it back to South Africa at next year’s World Cup.

The Confederations Cup final in Johannesburg is the biggest event for the U.S. in South Africa since Paul Simon’s Graceland album release in 1986. For Brazil, it’s just another game. Consider this: Today’s match is the first time the U.S. has been in the final of a major FIFA tournament. For Brazil? Well, this is their fourth time in the Confederations Cup final. And the 2009 event is only the sixth Confederations Cup, so it’s fair to say Brazil has dominated the competition.

Brazil brings a strong lineup of one-named phenoms. Kaka and Robinho are two. Their game plan will likely be unchanged from the first meeting with an emphasis on speed and precision passing.